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Mirror Feeds is a free smart application for your smart mirror. Navigate your way into the business world, see what’s trending in the entertainment industry, be updated with the latest discoveries about health and science or see what’s latest in technology. You can also monitor stocks, currencies, check the weather in your current location or change the lay-out of your feeds.

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Mirror Feeds Application Installed on a smart mirror in a bathroom
Mirror Feeds Application showing time and weathee updates in Washington
Mirror Feeds Application Installed on a smart mirror
Mirror Feeds Appplication installed on a framed smart mirror or mirror tv
A guy checking out updates on the smart mirror


News feeds in front of you News Feed

Show more of the kinds of stories you want and fewer of those you don’t. Choose topics for your news feed like world news, business, technology, entertainment, sports, science and health. Alternatively, you can add an RSS feed from other sources by entering the website url. All Information in the mirror refreshes every hour and news feed scrolls on its own.

Be ahead on stock markets Stocks

Monitor stocks by either entering the stock symbol or searching the company name. Add up to 5 stocks to monitor depending on your preference.

One touch for date and time of your life Date and Time

Add date and time on initial Mirror Feeds set-up by capturing the information from your device or easily adjust it by clicking the settings button. Choose either 12HR or 24HR format.

Glance weather up to date Weather

Check the weather by setting up your location. Add the city name, choose your temperature settings between °C or °F and Mirror Feeds will show the weather on your screen.

Organize your priorities in mirror Layout

Customize your feed by selecting the layout that works best for you. Choose option that shows up all the information in the mirror or choose the layout that only shows up the analog clock for a clean and minimalist view.

Exchange rates with one click Currency

Easily monitor foreign exchange rate by setting up two currencies in your Mirror Feeds. You can also add these to your feed by customizing the layout.

Change your prefer language Language

Mirror Feeds currently supports three languages: English (US), German and Spanish.

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